Up Down Square Round is an artist experience agency, providing bespoke art solutions for Brands, experiential events, and magic moments. Up Down Square Round was created to serve the industrial sized demand for art based experiences, by creating an accessible intersection for artists and brands. We provide a full suite of art and media solutions for clients while providing an extensive non-exclusive representation system for select artists.

The public and private demand for original large scale experiential art has never been higher. Across the globe, the largest, most ambitious art projects ever undertaken are being orchestrated by artists and being underwritten by select marketing partners. These initiatives are driven by digital platforms, international art events and festivals, and inspired architecture and design. Up Down Square Round exists to create bespoke experiences and generate media artifacts that amplify otherwise discreet magic moments at the speed and scope of digital.





Jeben worked at YouTube + Google at the beginning of the content revolution, and followed that with helping co-found Maker Studios. An artist first and creative director by trade Jeben has spent the past twenty years leading the creation of bespoke branded moments and lives by the idea that the best work is wild evidence in action.